A short history of turquoise inlaying

The art of Turquoise Inlaying is a tradition in Isfahan, Iran that has been kept for 60 to 70 years.

How artists create artwork by using turquoise Inlaying technics

Turquoise Inlaying art crafts contains two material:

  1. metal: For the metal part of this artwork, we can use gemstones, the copper, brass, and silver. Today copper and silver are respectively used for vessels and accessories.
  2. stone: The stone used in this art crafts is turquoise, one of the most in-demand gemstones in the world which is extracted from turquoise mines in Neishabur that is famous for its high-quality turquoises.

In fact, Turquoise Inlaying is kind of similar to mosaic art since the stones are stuck to the metal base with such a specific precision and sensitivity. After the first process then they will be polished in several steps in order to have the final product. Finally, the polyester cover is used to make the vessels more bright. It gives a minimum of 10 years warranty of brightness and polish of the art craft.

Short maintenance tips:

The maintenance is very easy. It requires wiping to make it clean and as bright and beautiful as new. The vessels that are more functional may lose their cover. In this case, you can easily clean it by vinegar and salt to make it brighter and polished.

A short video about the process of creating a turquoise Inlaying artwork: