Introducing Persian art and culture is our mission

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IBNG( Iranian business networking group) is a 4-year networking program which helps Persian businesses in Canada support each other by referral. Every Wednesday they are gathering to get familiar with a new business or the ways to get more visibility and sales for their businesses.

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IBNG meeting
Persicacraft presentation

What Persicacraft believe about art and culture?

In the last week of April, IBNG hosted Persicacraft to do a presentation in their meeting. Mahdi Yazdi, CEO of Persicacraft, talked about the necessity of attention to Persian culture and how we should promote our culture in North America. Then he talked about the procedure of creation Persicacraft in 2018 and its mission which is introducing Persian Art and Culture by presenting Persian handicrafts in an online platform.

Persicacraft Online platform

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