A short history of hand painting enamel

Vitreous enamel is a Persian art date back to 5000 years ago and today it’s produced in Isfahan, Iran.

How artists create artwork by using enamel

This art contains decorating metal by colorful glazes. The metal used in these products is mostly copper which is covered by a thick and white enamel cooked in 900° furnace and then painted by colorful enamels and different motifs such as arabesque, Khatai (Lotus motif with buds and leaves) and flowers and birds, … The painted glazed is cooked in a 600 to 750° temperature to make the motif permanent. The products include candy dish, bowl, decorative plate, flower pot and accessories that are all functional.

Short maintenance tips:

These products are washable by warm water and sponge but the enamel is vulnerable to hard impacts which may lead to separation of the glaze from the base, therefore, you should avoid throwing and dropping the art craft.

A short video about the process of creating a Hand Painting Enamel artwork:

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