A short history of hand painting enamel

Termeh is a traditional Persian fabric. Because of the dense weaving and the string material, it is considered as an expensive fabric. Most of the Termeh workshops are located in Yazd province.

How artists create Termeh

This product is made of wool and silk. Due to the industrialization and excessive natural material cost, high-quality artificial silk material is used to produce this fabric. It is used as tablecloth, cushion, curtain, and clothing, … The most famous motif is the paisley design. The original Termeh colors are red, black, Sangria (purplish red) and green but today, in modern designs, other colors are also used including turquoise, cream, and pink,….

Short maintenance tips:

Although this fabric is very resistant, it is suggested to dry clean it because if silk and wool material.

A short video about the process of creating Termeh:

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