A short history of Tiles

Tiling is one of the traditional iranian arts which is mostly used as archeological decorations. In the past, they were made and painted by hand and then glazed.

How artists create Tiles today

Today, thanks to the fast-paced factory production, the tiles are made industrially but they get painted and glazed traditional by artists. Now, the polychromic tiles are used in many other ways. The single tiles are used as a decorative frames and wall decor, coasters, tray, etc. The patterns include traditional motifs such as arabesque, floral and geometric shapes. The main colors are azure blue, turquoise, yellow, black and pistachio green.

Short maintenance tips:

To clean, you just need to wipe them by moist tissue. To avoid any damage, these colorful and beautiful tiles should prevent against being hit due to high fragility. 

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